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With offices in Jakarta, Bali, Semarang, Surabaya, and Batam, InCorp Indonesia is ready to assist you as a local partner and distributor in Indonesia.

The Importance of Having Trusted Partners and Distributors for Your Business in Indonesia

To enter Indonesia’s huge market and achieve successful sales, foreign companies must engage a brand representative to support sales and distribution in the market. This means you will need to find a trusted partner and distributor in Indonesia.

Several specific industries, such as medical equipment or cosmetics, require products to be registered with the relevant government institutions.

Collaborating with our extensive sales channels and distribution networks, as well as with local authorities, InCorp can assist you in penetrating the Indonesian market. We cover most general activities, including:

  • Registering your product through relevant institutions
  • Defining local branding and marketing strategies in Indonesia
  • Developing promotional tools and conducting promotion and PR activities to introduce your product to the market
  • Representing your company and brand during various events
  • Negotiating with distributors for cooperation
  • Managing sales in the territory and maintaining relationships with local partners

With its head office in Jakarta, and branch offices in Bali and Semarang, the InCorp local team is ready to assist you in expanding your existing market in Indonesia.

As your local representative in Indonesia, InCorp Indonesia will work closely with your existing local distributors and partners to strengthen relationships and motivate them to increase performance, as well as search for a partner and distributor in Indonesia as required.

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