Applying for The Tax Holiday in Indonesia

The Indonesian government promotes tax holidays as one of the fiscal incentives to attract major foreign direct investment in Indonesia. Learn how to obtain these tax benefits for your business.

What is a tax holiday?

Foreign direct investments in Indonesia are determined to receive a tax holiday facility. As a fiscal facility, tax holidays in Indonesia reduce the income taxes of any business investments. The Ministry of Finance regulates the incentive for this income tax holiday through Regulation No.130/PMK.010/2020.

Application for the tax holiday

As a leading firm in business advisory services in Indonesia, InCorp Indonesia assists with your needs in obtaining tax holiday incentives. We ensure that all the necessary processes will run smoothly.

Eligibility and requirements

The Indonesian government provides an array of industries with tax holiday incentives. However, there are requirements to obtain this convenience. The industry must prioritize job creation, technological innovation, and strategic value for the nation’s economic outlook.

Additionally, IDR 100 billion is the minimum capital investors should pay to gain a tax holiday for the investments. Currently, only 18 business sectors offer tax holiday incentives, known as the pioneer industries.

The abovementioned requirements are only a few among the long list for an approved tax holiday. Our seasoned consultants will guide you to understand the foreign direct investment regulations to obtain a tax benefit in Indonesia.

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